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Ski Bones hold the tips and tails of all types of skis together making carrying skis and storing them much easier. The Ski Bones center strap keeps the bases apart so they don't rub and scratch. This is very important to maintaining good ski base quality and great performance.

Ski Bones R & L Frye - 9435 N Cut Rd - Roscommon MI 48653

Ski Bones are available at many ski retailers in the US and Canada. If your local ski retailer does not carry Ski Bones ask them to call 517-403-3947 and we will set up an account for them. If that does not work, order Ski Bones at a cost of $5.95 a pair with a 4 pair minimum and $6.20 for shipping directly. E-mail your complete Name, Address, City, State & Zip along with your day time telephone number and we will call for your Visa, MasterCard or Discover information. E-mail to Be sure to state Ski Bone size: Cross Country (narrow) Skate or Race; Cross Country (light touring & touring) regular or Big Bones (for Alpine and wide parabolic skis up 112mm in the shovel).